The PoWER PLUS project aims at performing a foresight process in order to detect the main issues which may be affecting Adriatic-Ionian ports in the short- to mid-term in the light of the Covid19 outbreak and related economic crisis. The results of these processes will be used to update and, therefore, enhance the main results produced by the former PoWER project: the PoWER Methodology for building innovation supply Chain, the PoWER Strategy for evolving ports into Innovation Hubs, and the ICT Platform The project shall be implemented from 1st January 2022 to 30 June 2022 by the National Research Council of Italy (Lead Beneficiary), National Confederation of Handcrafts and SMEs – Territorial association of Ravenna (Italy), Rijeka Development Agency Porin Ltd (Croatia), Centre for Economic, Technological and Environmental Development Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina (Serbia), Cooperation and Development Institute (Albania), Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (Greece) and Chamber of Thesprotia (Greece).